Social events allow us to enjoy and engage each other as individuals and build community.

Attend an event, participate in planning, host or sponsor and event.

  • Music
  • Food
  • Community
  • Friendship

Social Gatherings

A sustaining member makes monthly donations that help us keep the workings of our infrastructure in place in a way that allows us to plan our expenses.

A supporting membership starts at minimum of $5/month,  but of course is not limited to that amount.  We can know that we have financial resources to get our energy out into the community.

A supporting member makes an annual donation that helps us keep the workings of our infrastructure in place.

A supporting membership starts at $27,  but of course is not limited to that amount.  One time donations of greater amounts are greatly appreciated.

We are all intrinsically interconnected with each other. The decisions we make in what we believe is our own small world, do affect all of us. Our singular choices of action or inaction have an impact.  We are community at a local, state, national and global level. Rural Oregon Progressives give each of us an opportunity to learn about and create positive change on issues that matter to us. We have issue driven events and purely social events.  You could choose to be involved at any level.  You can help drive our efforts on issues that have personal importance to you, lend your support through attendance of our events. You can come to our social events and add to our sense of community.  You can offer financial support through your donations to our cause.  We welcome your involvement.

Sustaining Member

Driving Issues

Membership Opportunities

You are a member by offering your good will, time,  and presence at our events and the gatherings that build our community of hope.

Your contact information will allow us to keep you informed of our events and give us a way to let you know when we as a community are working towards specific goals.

We our multifaceted in our focus, engaging in social, environmental, and political. What interests you?

Help drive and issue and guide our direction.

  • Living Wage
  • Healthcare
  • ​Debt Free Public Education
  • Social Justice
  • Political Reform
  • ​Water Quality
  • Pollution, Pesticides

Positive Change at a Grassroots Level

Rural Oregon Progressives

Many Levels of Involvement

- We are one body of community with common goals -

We need each other to create change and to have a sense of community. Support comes in many forms.  We run mainly on the time, energy and passions of our volunteer members and supporters. We also run on the support of members that can offer financial assistance towards our cause.

​We are a non-profit organization that injects a lot of positive energy into our community for the money we spend. 

We do require some financial solvency to function as we do.

We offer three different categories of membership.

Members are all important no matter how they choose to be involved. ​​

Supporting Member

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