A sustaining member makes monthly donations that help us keep the workings of our infrastructure in place in a way that allows us to plan our expenses.

A supporting membership starts at minimum of $5/month,  but of course is not limited to that amount.  We can know that we have financial resources to get our energy out into the community.


Membership Opportunities

A supporting member makes an annual donation that helps us keep the workings of our infrastructure in place.

A supporting membership starts at $27,  but of course is not limited to that amount.  One time donations of greater amounts are greatly appreciated.

Rural Oregon Progressives

  • Registered with the State of Oregon as a "Public Benefit" Domestic NonProfit Corporation

  • Has filed for status with the Federal Government as a 501c4 NonProfit Corporation

You are a member by offering your good will, time,  and presence at our events and the gatherings that build our community of hope.

Your contact information will allow us to keep you informed of our events and give us a way to let you know when we as a community are working towards specific goals.

Our group needs financial support to power the nuts and bolts of getting our message out there.

If you like our message, our efforts, our sense of community please donate at whatever level you feel comfortable.

We are all dreaming about getting off the fence and doing something for the common good!

Help us grow a vibrant community that promotes healthy living, cultural diversity, with informed social engagement. Your support and contributions will enable us to provide the community with educational presentations, our website, printing costs and other basic operating expenses. We welcome any and all contributions to aid our efforts. Thank you.

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