Our Purpose

Putting Your Mark on the Map

We are creating an interactive map that can show you where our supporters are, and that lets us know, wherever we are, that we are not alone.

Clicking the map will take you to an interactive google map that has supporter locations and numbers throughout Oregon, the rest of the country and the world.  As supporters add their locations we add them to the map.  If you click on a symbol on the map it will give you information.

We have the numbers of individual supporters in each location as well as the locations and available contact information for progressive groups throughout Oregon and beyond. 

Positive Change at a Grassroots Level

Issues matter and local communities can be instrumental in establishing the agenda and the issues considered by politicians and decision makers. 

Political party affiliation is not our thread of connectivity; instead, Rural Oregon Progressives are aligned on issues. 

We will support candidates and causes that result in systemic progressive change that serves the many, not the few.

Want some of the story of how we got started and some past activities that helped form us?

Visit the  "Our Roots" webpage on this site. 

Rural Oregon Progressives


Founded: 2015

Formally Organized: 2017


Education and Activation through grass roots community projects.



Rural Oregon Progressives

Rural Oregon Progressives is an autonomous group that addresses national
and local issues important to rural Oregonians. We support an agenda for working class Americans which promotes a living wage, healthcare for all Americans, electing leaders who do not trade votes for bribes, and furthering the causes of racial, environmental, economic and social justice.

Rural Oregon Progressives envisions a just, peaceful and equitable society in
which communities reach their full potential, are enhanced by ongoing civic and political engagement, and have access to necessary resources in order to uphold the dignity of each individual and all living beings within a healthful environment.

Rural Oregon Progressives

Putting People Before Party

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