The are many ways to become an involved supporter of Rural Oregon Progressives.  

If community members have a specific focus they would like to see addressed, then they are given the opportunity, under the advice of our steering committee, to form a working group that spearheads that issue.

“ I have been feeling pretty small and alone living in my place at the edge of Albany lately (time to kick the boyfriend to the curb when he calls me a pink commie) and then that sign suddenly appeared. I can't help but hoot and holler every time I drive by. It gives me a grin, giggle and energy all at the same time every time I pass. The impact it has had, especially at this time in my life, is just the beginning. ”


written by Kimberly Mandel

Rural Oregon Progressives is a group of local concerned citizens whose mission includes encouragement and facilitation of grassroots action to engage community members in achieving positive progressive change. Providing informational seminars on important issues that affect us all is part of this effort.

We are a vibrant, living, organization that responds to the current needs of our local communities, state and nation.  If issues affect us we educate ourselves and our local community so that each individual can make an informed decision. We believe an informed  and factual understanding of any issue leads us to a practical and moral common ground.

We also provide purely social opportunities that allow us to get to know each other and the community we are a part of. 

Feel free to attend any of our events and learn more about the issues affecting you personally and to develop a deeper sense of community.

Rural Oregon Progressives

Our Mission


​Putting People Before Party

Rural Oregon Progressives

Rural Oregon Progressives is a grassroots group engaging community
members in achieving positive progressive change.




“Finally, a group of people who could think on issues, finally people -- and a candidate -- who actually try to help veterans, while many other politicians only use us for photo ops and proceed to forget us.!"


12/10/2015   LTC (R) Jeff Julum, US Army

Rural Oregon Progressives

  • Registered with the State of Oregon as a "Public Benefit" Domestic NonProfit Corporation

  • Approved by the Federal Government as a 501c4 NonProfit Corporation

New Events Posted!

It's peak season for mid-term elections!

 We've posted some 3rd party events which include candidate forums and ballot measure education.

Positive Change at a Grassroots Level